Welcome to the Ryan Gallery in Lincoln City, Oregon

Janey Belozer

Capturing the Spirit of the Horse

Among the many who paint and draw horses, only a select few have the eye, the education, and training, to truly compose a painting. Among those is Janey Belozerrr. Janey’s paintings capture light, movement, and the spirit of the horse itself. Choosing the medium of oil and acrylic paint with the old world use of charcoal, Janey’s work strives not to recreate photographic accuracy but to create goosebumps. “I want the viewer to see the subject like they’ve never seen it before”. Janey says. And so whether painting a landscape, portrait, floral, or her iconic equine, Janey’s focus is on light, balance, color, and movement.

Her work is a celebration of light and spirit- the essence of the horse. An avid dressage and hunter fan, Janey began emphasizing movement in her work when she started riding. “Riding incorporates many of the things that I bring to my work, such as balance, suppleness, intent, patience, and flexibility of mind and body. In both areas of my life I need discipline, yet to be relaxed and forward.

Janey has been working on her painting most of her life and is passionate about creating art each day. As a graduate of the University of Oregon Art Education and Fine Arts Schools, she carries a strong background of fundamentals into her contemporary work and continues to further her education by taking workshops from her favorite master professionals. “Every time I pick up a brush, I incorporate what I have learned from past experience- and recent experience that might seem unrelated to painting but shape my life.”

While a painting is in progress, Janey feels that she truly lives with it. When it is “finished” she hangs it on the wall and lives with it just a while longer. “ That is where I find the pearl earring” she says, “The finished touch that each work needs to make it special” Indeed work like this is worth the wait.